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 EOTech Model 512 XBOW
EOTech logo
EOTech Model 512 XBOW
UPC: 672294600466
Halographic Sight w/ Range Assist, Crossbow Pattern Reticle, Black 512 XBOW
List Price: $489.00
Our Price: $449.00
      YouSave: $40.00
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The EOTech Model 512 XBOW was designed with the crossbow hunter in mind. The EOTech Model 512 XBOW utilizes the unique properties of holography to create optimal range scaling data in a heads-up display. A pre-calculated ranging scale is projected on the target and measures the back to the belly of a standard whitetail deer (18″). With the EOTech Model 512 XBOW simply position the base of the scale on the belly and read the yardage line that crosses the back. This integral ranging pattern eliminates unnecessary body movement or added noise while in the stand since the ranging and aiming information are both displayed in the same sight picture.

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<Click to View Product Manual>
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Night Vision-Compatibility:
5.4” x 2” x 2.25” (137 x 50.8 x 57 mm)
Submersible to 10 ft. (3 m) depth
1” Weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail
Return to Zero:
Repeatable to within 1 MOA after re-mounting
Power Source:
Two 1.5 V AA batteries
Supports lithium, alkaline, or rechargeable
Battery Life:
Lithium: 1,100 continuous hours at nominal setting 12
Alkaline: 600 continuous hours